Shopping Is the Favourite Free Time Activity for Many Young People Today. (1)

Shopping Is the Favourite Free Time Activity for Many Young People Today.

Shopping is the favourite free time activity for many young people today. Why do you think this has happened? Should young people be encouraged to do different activities in their free time rather than shopping? Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own experience or knowledge.

Growing into a young adult is quite an interesting stage. The majority of them opt for exploring varieties of things in the market. However, this has taken up their leisure time, and people are keen to know why it is so, also if there are alternatives these teenagers could do instead of shopping. This essay will address the reason for this problem and a way out of it.

For many young adults, buying things is influenced greatly by peers. This is to say that for them to be respected among their age mate, they have to keep themselves up to date with the modern fashion styles, gadgets and cell phones which often compels them to seek after and purchase them. Another reason for this could be traced to parenting. Most mothers, for instance, who are obsessed with purchasing commodities usually set out a footstep in which their child /children will follow in years to come and would not find the act offensive.

Alternatively, time spent shopping by these teenagers could be used for other beneficial habits such as learning a new skill if they are advised to do so. Young adults who are habitual shoppers could be enrolled in skill acquisition classes which are believed will take up their time and divert their attention away from their routine free time killer. Furthermore, youngsters could be taught the act of housekeeping. The females, for example, could use their spare time in learning how to make meals, tidy the house and look after younger siblings.

Conclusively, I believe it will be advantageous if young adults are allowed to learn skills and manage homes during their leisure period instead of shopping.

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