Your Landlord Wants to Increase Your House Rent (2) (1)

Your Landlord Wants to Increase Your House Rent

Your landlord wants to increase your house rent. Write a letter to him to explain your situation.

  • In your letter, you should tell:
  • Why do you think the rent shouldn’t be increased
  • What you will do if it is increased.

Dear sir,

I humbly request to withhold the increase of the house rent as for the past few months, under the current government, there has been unscrupulous demand to put away the taxes which has been levied on the citizens. As civil servants of the current administration, our salaries have been heavily taxed due to the unexplainable motive behind the action.

Our union, in collaboration with the president of the labour force, demonstrated against the government to either explain tax duty or untax our salaries. Such action has brought about the freezing of our salaries for about three months now. I, therefore, ask not to increase the rent as I wouldn’t be able to afford that together with my living expenses.

The current price is of a breakthrough as I would be able to pay off till my current situation dissolves. If quite unfortunate for me, and the house rent is increased, I have no option than to leave and will have to request my balance for the remaining months.

It would be sad to leave your abode as I have developed an attachment to it due to the way other tenants cordially relate to each other. I hope my letter will be considered for the needed action to be put in place. You will be of a blessing in disguise if my plea is humbly granted.

Yours faithfully,

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