In Many Countries, People Now Wear Western-Style Dress Such as Suits (2) (1)

In Many Countries, People Now Wear Western-Style Dress Such as Suits

In many countries, people now wear western-style dress such as suits and jeans rather than traditional clothing. Why is this? Is this a positive or negative development?

The dressing sense of masses is changed with the passage of time. There are many nations in which masses like to wear western-style clothes in present time such as suits and jeans instead of traditional costumes. In this essay, first, I will discuss merits as well as demerits related to this and then deduce whether it is positive or negative progress.

There are numerous benefits associated with this trend. First and foremost, these days, masses were dresses for fashion only. To say it, mostly youngsters wear western dresses because they follow the celebrities who belong to different religions, but they wear all types of clothes without any issue. So, masses have a chance to wear different clothes and see themselves in various dresses. Moreover, in the present era, everyone likes to try something new and see themselves in the latest designer dresses. As a result, they have a vast collection of clothes for day-to-day life.

On the other hand, there are some drawbacks. To commence with, the new generation has no knowledge about their traditional clothes. To justify, they see their parents in western dresses, and they also wear jeans, t-shirt so, they have no proper information about their cultural clothes. Moreover, this is negative for the nation because clothes also represent the nationality of the person due to the fact people wear only western dresses in daily life, and they look similar to others.

In conclusion, it is clear from the above discussion that although this has some negative effects overall, it is a positive development. In the present era, the masses wear clothes to enhance their personality, and they like to try something new for good looking.

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