As the Population of A Nation Increases, New Houses Are Needed (5) (1)

As the Population of A Nation Increases, New Houses Are Needed

As the population of a nation increases, new houses are needed. Do you think it is better to build new houses in the countryside or in the cities?

With the increase in population, there is a land shortage that has been occurred in the urban area. Most people think that new houses need to be built in the countryside whereas there are people who think that it is better to built houses in the cities only. In my opinion, I will be in favor of building houses in along countryside.

To begin with, most of the people are moving towards the city side for better jobs, business opportunities, etc. This has led to overpopulation and burden to the metropolis cities. With this, the cost of living has been increased and becoming a burden for those who are the only bread earner for their family. With the increase in population, the house rent has increased steadily, and transportation has become costly. Apart from this, there are health issues with this over-congested population; the air quality has reduced drastically in recent times and will continue to deplete with time.

If we manage to migrate some population towards countryside by building new houses, we can provide better facilities to the people living there. If we make sure that farming and other agriculture activities are not impacted, we can definitely grow that region smartly. By this, we can have better air quality and enough job opportunities by which the rural population can increase their standard of living.

In the end, I just want to say that with the help of government initiatives we can reduce the burden on urban areas and build some new houses in the countryside, we can help the local communities as well as giving the better living condition if farming and agricultural activities are not impacted.

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