Nowadays Many People Prefer to Use Private Cars Writing Task 2

Nowadays Many People Prefer to Use Private Cars: Writing Task 2

Nowadays many people prefer to use private cars. What problems has this trend created? What solutions can you suggest?

Generally speaking, the use of private transport has increased day by day because of a number of reasons. Consequently, cars are more prefered by a plethora of people for visiting any place, and cars be an extreme amenity for people. Dj Sayville anticipate possible causes of uses of private cars and their solutions for reducing them before coming to a conclusion.

This part of the essay will illustrate the important reasons why cars have gained too much popularity. To begin with, the main reason behind it is that public transportations neither provide quality of comfort ness nor conveniences, which people want. To elaborate, in public transportations, there are not only the problem of time management but also the problem of overpopulation in order that low tickets of buses and trains. As a result, people do not reach their destinations at the proper time. Moreover, travellers have to walk or change the mode of the vehicle too much to reach their places because public transport does not cover the waste area of cities and posh areas. Furthermore, many robberies and misbehaving are done by a plethora of criminals in order to many conjunctions in vehicles. As an epitome, it is a matter of privacy and security, so people much prefer to use private cars. Hands comma because of pub old problems people born to use private parts in order to satiate their needs.

This paragraph describes the valid and implacable solutions to the above problems. To start with, governments ought to understand the demands and problems of people in order to provide them with great services related to public transportation. Moving further, all those the services are good at public transport, but still they need improvement in order to attract more people for using them. Moreover, the government Sudan campaign and awareness programme zombies capable enough to college people, so that’s a can protect the environment and contribute to using public transport.

To conclude, when government exceed to satiate people’s need for transportation with quality service, this trend can be under control.

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