Some Say that Due to Heavy Traffic Government Needs to Build More Roads in Metropolitan Cities.

Some Say that Due to Heavy Traffic Government Needs to Build

Some say that due to heavy traffic government needs to build more roads in metropolitan cities. While others argue that this is not the right solution. To what extend do you agree or disagree?

In recent years, many urban centres across the globe are struggling because of massive traffic. Though few people believe that the authority should resolve this by building many roads in such cities, others disagree with this idea and find it preposterous. In my opinion, developing roads is not a solution for this issue which is explained in the below composition.

Admittedly, roads come under the basic necessity of any big city or a rural area. Certain demographics of society say that local authorities should build long-lasting and durable roads by using good quality materials. They just believe that there should be alternative road options on the junctions catering for a lot of traffic. In this way, the infrastructure of the city will become more reliable and the citizens will also get additional areas to reside. Additionally, according to them, this idea will be beneficial not only for the localities but it will also attract big companies to establish their offices. Thus, such people are of that opinion.

Conversely, despite the above advantages, I completely disagree with the idea to build more roads. Firstly, the local authorities should improve public transport facilities which is an antidote to the traffic problem. In Mumbai, the financial capital of India, 70 per cent of the total population uses local trains and buses because of their accessibility, punctuality, and availability. Due to which traffic issues are reduced massively. Secondly, the local council should encourage the citizens to use bicycles if they want to go the distance which is less than 2 kilometres. This is a brilliant idea implemented in several European cities to mitigate traffic problems. It has a hidden advantage like it helps an individual to get into shape, especially one who is not finding spare time to hit the gym. Hence, I strongly recommend such alternatives rather than building roads.

To conclude, I understand that the network of the road should be established across the cities and rural areas; however, local authorities should give serious consideration to alternative options for transportation which will ultimately beneficial to the environment and humankind.

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