Describe a Time You Had to Learn the Words of Something (E.G. a Poem or a Song) and Then Say or Sing It from Memory.

Describe a Time You Had to Learn the Words of Something

Describe a time you had to learn the words of something (e.g. a poem or a song) and then say or sing it from memory. You should say:

  • Where you were
  • Who was listening to you
  • What you had to say or sing,
  • And explain how you felt about saying or singing something you had learnt.

Sample Answer of Describe a Time You Had to Learn the Words of Something

Well I precisely remember this when I was in school in standard 8 we were having a competition where we all used to sing or recite a poem from the freedom fighters so basically it was original 26th of January when school of school was having the function and I had to prepare one poem which was written by Mahatma Gandhi so as we all know Mahatma Gandhi is the father of India and he had written this poem to give boost to the freedom fighters and motivate them the poems name was freedom and he had written this beautifully that if we ourselves believe that we will get freedom then nobody can stop us just we have to believe that we are going to get freedom and first of all I was really worried and afraid of public speaking or singing but my teacher was very near to me and dear to me she just passed away last year due to this coronavirus pending she guided me that I can do that and I would be able to sing so she guided me that I should always practice in front of a mirror and that really worked out so I prepared thoroughly and on the 26th January I performed in front of almost thousands of students of my school and principal really appreciated my performance because my principal was knowing that I am afraid of public speaking but it went really well and I was also so proud of that because this reciting of poem gave me the chance to discover new abilities in me also I won the second prize in this competition which was really satisfying for me.

Sample Answer of Describe a Time You Had to Learn the Words of Something

Question1.  Why do you think it’s true that most young children enjoy learning songs and poems?

Answer:- In my view children are not afraid to learn anything because they’re not afraid to fail it’s as simple as that young people always think that if I do this and if I fail then what would I do what would people say about me children do not have that kind of tendency they just give it a try if they fail they are fine they success then also they celebrate

Question2. Do you think it’s easier to remember the words to something as a child and more difficult when we become adults?

Answer:- Well, I can tell this from my experience that when I became an adult, it was straightforward for me to remember lyrics of any poem or a song because as a child, I was not able to understand every word of a poem, so when I a gradually when I grow up it was so easy to understand each and everyone so if you understand the meaning of the poem it is very easy to remember it so yes my view is that as an adult people will remember more words than children

Question3. Do you think learning songs and poems is a waste of time?

Answer:- I recently read a book, and it was saying about Hitler that if Hitler had listened to a song, then he would be a really great dictator, but so this is how our writers and our great kinds of literature give importance to the song and poems so they not only just show the creativity of the author but it also pleases the reader because of great artwork, so I think people really appreciate sing singers and authors and it is not at all a waste of time to learn them.

Question4. How practical is it for younger students to learn facts about the world (e.g. dates in history)?

Answer:- yes, this is so common that younger children always struggle with remembering particular dates of a particular King when he was born when he has died, but it makes sense it makes their memory sharper; that is what I feel because when they remember a particular date it pushes their memory to some extent, and yes that is the age where they need to grasp many things, but their brain is also in that situation that it can accept many things because they do not have to think about many other things like burning money or handling their own children so yes it does make sense I think it is good, but up to some extent it should not be like that that they have to remember hundreds of dates

Question5. Are there any techniques that schoolchildren can use to remember new information more easily?

Answer:- Again, I’m not very much aware that are the rally techniques for remembering the dates or remembering such information, but yes, I used to remember them by considering Kings and Queens as my uncles and aunts, so if you say that when King Akbar was born, so I used to remember that he’s my uncle and like that, I used to remember his birth date and his death date, so that was the trick I used to use I don’t think I’m aware of any techniques which are being used currently by children to remember dates or some new information easily

Question6. How important do you think it is to teach young students to find and check information for themselves?

Answer:- yes, my teachers used to do this. They also understood that if they give us each and everything then, we don’t value it generally, so they had this technique to give us homework that we have to research about some topic every day which not only sharpened our brain, but it really helped us to struggle and to succeed about many things because when we get each and everything very easily, it really doesn’t count, so it really helped us, so it is really important that teachers and lecturers give students opportunity to explore

Question7. Let’s talk about the value of knowledge.

Answer:- I think wisdom is above all and students as well as young youngsters should have knowledge about life and their general things about cooking making their home and earning well, so it is really important in my view just having knowledge from books is not at all enough students and youngsters should I would go far to say they must I have the knowledge about life how to maintain a good lifestyle so here I would like to emphasize on healthy lifestyle, so knowledge about a particular book is not going to help them in future in life you have many chapters to explore where lives ultimate knowledge helps you to get through it

Question8. Do you think it’s a good idea to use public money for funding museums?

Answer:- To tell you the truth I’m not into museums, but yes I feel that museum should be there in each and every city it gives us the chance to explore the history of a particular town or nation, so yes it is a good idea to keep museums I feel that.

Question9. Do you think it is true that each generation must depend on the knowledge passed on from previous generations?

Answer:- Absolutely, this is a brainer. I can relate to this as my father had told me many things which have altogether changed my life. He advised me to save money when I very early started earning that I should put 10 per cent of my salary as my savings which will be useful in my bad times yes it was so correct knowledge given by him in such an easy way so yes I think whatever our ancestors tell us it is by their experience we should value it. We should try to implement it in our life.

Question10.  Which would benefit society more, more people with broad general knowledge or more people with specialized knowledge?

Answer:- In my view, we need both of them because we need a jack of all and need a King of a particular field. One can be a true guide to the society when there is trouble so a person who is having the general knowledge about things would be able to hide u,s but if I want to, let’s say study abroad,d then I would go to a person who is specialised in that field.

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