Many Young People Today Know More About International Pop or Movie Stars (2) (1)

Many Young People Today Know More About International Pop or Movie Stars

Many young people today know more about international pop or movie stars than about famous people in the history of their own country. Why is this? What can be done to increase young people’s interest infamous people in the history of their country?

In this era, youths nowadays have little or no interest in knowing prominent indigenous men and women. Rather they boast of accurate information on foreigners. In this essay, I will address some reasons for that and how to solve them.

First and foremost is the removal of history as a subject in the educational curriculum of the nation; I remember vividly when history was taught in high school, it focused on prominent people and their achievements to the society though most of them were late then but their name still rings the bell in my ears example Sunny Okosun, Chike Ejiro and many more. Secondly, most parents send their children to a foreign country for educational purposes, the child apart from gaining knowledge also get accustomed to the country’s way of life, history and teaching as well, when they come back home, they will always appreciate those foreigners that they knew well enough.

Thirdly, development has made life easier and simple through modern technologies which enable us to watch movies and dramas where foreign people, their music and movies are displayed. However, youths are more interested in those channels rather than those displaying our own people, that’s why they can boldly list some of their favourite actors and actress like Sylvester Stallone, Shaina Kapoor and so on. But it can be corrected if some measures are taken, for example, including history in the school curriculum, displaying indigenous actors and musicians on the nation’s television program e, popularizing their music and so on.

In conclusion, youths usually get acquainted with foreign actors and stars because they are not taught to appreciate the locals at school. Moreover, they are used to seeing foreigners all the time on television programs; however, it can be corrected as stated above.

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