Many Students Decide to Further Their Studies Abroad. (1)

Many Students Decide to Further Their Studies Abroad.

Many students decide to further their studies abroad. What are the benefits and drawbacks of studying abroad? What is your view on this? What do you prefer? Give reasons for your answer.

Most students choose to continue their education in foreign countries. In this essay, I will discuss the merits and demerits of this situation.

The advantages of studying abroad are obvious. Firstly, people are exposed to a new culture when they travel overseas to further their education. In most instances, many people want to travel abroad so they can have a feel of a new life and experience the culture of different people around the world. Furthermore, there is the greatest advantage for having the opportunity to tour around the world and see new places. For instance, one would like to move to a particular country to further their studies due to the wide range of tourist attractions and the beauty of the country. Even though the person travels to study, the enjoyment of tourism motivates the person to live happily in the country.

The drawbacks of furthering studies abroad are usually not recognized. People tend to forget their culture when they travel abroad to further their studies and, in turn, picks up the life they find themselves in in the particular country. Again, people forget about their responsibilities, such as voting during elections in their country. And this prevents them from sharing their views and making their voices heard in making decisions in their country.

To conclude, I prefer travelling overseas to further education since you are graced with the opportunities to learn about new cultures and also get the chance to tour around the globe and see new places, which is a greater advantage over forgetting your country’s culture and also ignoring your responsibilities.

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