Many Parents Are Interested in Homeschooling and the Trend Is Gaining Popularity (2) (1)

Many Parents Are Interested in Homeschooling and the Trend Is Gaining Popularity

In some countries, many parents are interested in homeschooling, and the trend is gaining popularity. Do the advantages of this outweigh the disadvantages?

Undoubtedly, due to a plethora of advantages, homeschooling is gaining roots all over the world, and a number of parents are showing interest as well. However, disadvantages, I believe, cannot be undermined. Upcoming segments shed light on the pros and cons of home-schooling and end up with a conclusion.

To embark with, study at home is advantageous for children and their parents in an abundance of ways. Firstly, parents can have closer supervision of their kids academically. They track study progress and can protect their children from bad peer company and getting bullied. Secondly, the cost and time of tuition and commute to school would also be cut short to a large extent. This will spare time and money that could invest in more productive ways in the form of enrolling children in skill-based courses such as English-speaking classes or health and wellness. Altogether, while considering all these benefits, people are adopting homeschooling rapidly.

On the counter side, keeping children away from traditional schooling methods will affect the social interaction with peers. Children would never get to know the value of friends in life. Consequently, children will become introverts highly. Another noticeable aspect is extracurricular activities such as picnic’s, exclusion, trips, sports, and competitions are a crucial part of the school. This not only let children face real-life competitions but also assist them in becoming balanced Socially. Therefore, one will precisely miss all these valuable dimensions if opt home school.

To conclude, although homeschooling has many merits, nothing can be better than sending kids to traditional schools. Hence, drawbacks, in my perspective, overweight the positives of modern house school.

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