Although More and More People Read News on the Internet (4) (1)

Although More and More People Read News on the Internet

Although more and more people read news on the Internet, newspapers will remain the most important source of news for the majority of people. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

It is considered that the maximum people’s preference to obtain information relies on the internet; but, still, printed material will be one of the most preferred sources of updating oneself. I thoroughly agree with the statement because it is a reliable, cheap source of information as well as accessible to all.

First off, although hectic-schedule has made people rely more on the internet to get information; but, people usually depend more on newspapers to get authentic information. Because this traditional mode is reliable and does not cost people an arm and a leg, the printed information is not fake compared to the internet. First of all, the news is verified before being published in newspapers to meet the people’s expectations. Because people rely more on printed news. For instance, people upload fake news on the internet to get maximum likes and reviews in the current scenario. So, many times, the information is exposed. Thus, these kinds of things make people mistrust the internet and make newspapers prominent.

Furthermore, In remote areas, it isn’t easy to assess the internet. Sometimes, rough terrain makes it unaccessible for people to use the internet. Therefore, the newspaper remains the most popular source of information for all the persons. To exemplify, individuals can get newspapers in any language at any place. In addition, school children depend more on newspapers to make collages or to appear in paper reading contests or expanding the horizon of their knowledge. So, they widely use newspapers. People get numerous new coined words, range of sentences easily in newspapers. So, it is accessible by all, and it is beneficial in keeping them updated.

To conclude, Thus, the popularity of newspapers is evergreen even if the internet is considered an instant source of information; but, people do not trust every news on it. Instead, they prefer a more traditional way of getting information, which people easily obtain at a cheaper rate.

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