Write a Letter to Your Friend about Missing the Date with Him on a Day (1)

Write a Letter to Your Friend about Missing the Date with Him on a Day

write a letter to your friend about missing the date with him on a day because you have planned. Tell him how you tried to contact him but it did not work out either; In your letter, you should tell:

What is the reason?
How you tried to contact him?
Give an alternative plan to meet him sometime.

Dear Guri,

I hope you are in the pink of health. I’m sorry that I could not meet you on the fixed date due to unforeseen circumstances. I tried to tell you; but, it could not happen.

Let me tell you that I was getting ready to meet you in Royal Garden. As I took a step out of home, abruptly, my mother got slipped, and she got a serious injury to her head. So, she was hospitalized immediately.

Furthermore, I tried to contact you by calling my friend’s number because this accident didn’t let me pick my phone. Also, I sent you a text message. I thought due to an unknown number, and you didn’t receive the call.

Can we alter our plan to meet some other day, like on the last day of the week? I’d be free and hope that my mother will also get recover. So, instead of meeting outside, it’ll be a good idea for you to visit my home. In this way, you can meet my mother, and we’ll have plenty of time to talk with each other.
Hope to meet you soon!
Yours Loving,

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