Many Doctors Recommend that Older People Exercise Regularly, but Most Patients Do Not Follow an Exercise Routine Writing Task 2

Many Doctors Recommend that Older People Exercise Regularly, but Most Patients Do Not Follow an Exercise Routine: Writing Task 2

Many doctors recommend that older people exercise regularly, but most patients do not follow an exercise routine. Why do you think this happens? How can people be encouraged to exercise regularly?

In today’s era, being healthy is a hectic task. However, middle-aged people are being suggested by doctors to remain healthy, and they need to work out. But most out of them have shown no interest in this. This essay with brings out the reasons behind not obeying doctors, and measures will be discussed to curb this problem.

The first and foremost reason behind this problem is the hectic schedule. People are so busy with the work that they don’t able to elicit time from this schedule for the workout. They feel this is a waste of time. To illustrate more, in private corporations like Infosys, employees are loaded with work from which they cannot get enough time for exercise and any other activities. Secondly, the price of Everything has raised up so much these days so. Like many gyms and yoga centres, burn the pocket. Despite other needs, they feel they can invest this money in something necessary. For instance, a gold gym is so expensive that only some people can afford it. That’s why many people left.

Nevertheless, people who are bound to their work and do not get time. Organizations can provide facilities. They can introduce a gym in their organization from which if people get any free time, they can work out or do exercise. For example, Google has introduced many such services as a gym and exercise centre. Likewise, people are attracted to it, and now many of them work.

Furthermore, gyms and working centres are becoming unaffordable. To make it affordable government can put a limit on a gym, or either they can launch a free program from which people become cognizant of the exercises. Like PM of India has initiated programs for yoga and exercise and people are keen to join it, which is increasing the ratio of healthy people.

In aggregate, there are several reasons for not being able to follow doctors’ advice, like money and time, and all of them are genuine. However, these can be curbed by a few steps, which are mentioned in the essay.

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