In Many Cities, Problems Related to Overpopulation Are Becoming More Common (3)

In Many Cities, Problems Related to Overpopulation Are Becoming More Common

In many cities, problems related to overpopulation are becoming more common. Some governments are now encouraging businesses and individuals to move out of cities to rural areas. Do the advantages of this trend outweigh the disadvantages?

Overpopulation is the most common problem in big cities. But people are encouraged to move businesses and individuals from cities to rural areas as suggested by some governments. This essay discusses both pros and cons of the negative movement of people.

To pinpoint the paronymous causation behind crowding of cities as health instability, unemployment, terrorism, lack of education, traffic jams and many more. All these problems have a negative impact on survival in big cities. Government take some steps to decrease the problems of the messiness of cities and encourage citizens to migrate to the rural areas, but this type of migration causes many problems.

First of all, countryside areas are less developed and have employment shortages. That unable to live a proper life in them. To examplize that in villages farming is the only mode of earning that is not enough to be done. Secondly, in rural areas, life is more conservative here. People are living according to the old culture. They have no entertainment in their life, which makes them more boring and dull and also unaware form fashion and modern life glory. All type of work is done during the day, and at night they move to their homes and have pin drop silence. They spend a lot of time resting. All of these things have a negative impact on public development. Moreover, they also lack facilities such as health care, education loss, transport inability and many more, these lack of facilities make life tough to survive.

There are colossal ways to combat the menacing impact of resettlement towards the rural areas that can be onus is entirely on develop countryside as well as urban areas. In general, a different mode of earning can be introduced in villages where people are provided with employment which causes the decline in migration. Furthermore, to counter the posting toward cities can be overcome by different facilities are provided in villages proper health education facilities and transportation system can be well arranged can be done.

In recapitulation, due to the overcrowded of big cities government suggest the movement of people and businesses toward rural areas, but it causes some negative impacts such as unemployment, lack of health care transportation and illiteracy among people. These can be overcome by providing proper facilities to villages that also decrease urbanization.

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