Describe Your Level of English Speaking Cue Card

Describe Your Level of English Speaking Cue Card follow ups

Describe Your Level of English Speaking Cue Card

You should say

  • What is it?
  • How and when you started to learn English?
  • Are you satisfied with the current level?
  • What would you like to improve your current language ability?

Sample Answer of Describe your level of English Speaking Cue Card

Oh well, it’s hard to describe my level of English; I believe it can be known by the way I communicate. I started learning English in my childhood when I was in kindergarten. I am satisfied with my current level, and I also have a strong feeling that there is always room for learning, so yes, why not. I love to learn as much as I can and improve my skills.

Follow-ups Describe your level of English Speaking Cue Card.

Question1: Have you learned a foreign language? Why?

Answer – Well, I haven’t really learned any foreign language. But I do plan to do so in the future.

Question2: Do you want to become an English teacher in the future? Why?

Answer – I plan to get into journalism in the future if I can. I don’t actually have an interest in the teaching sector, and it’s a tremendous opportunity. I need to be completely sure to get into it.

Question3: Why do some people learn fast while others are slow?

Answer – Each individual has their own capability, and they learn accordingly. Some are good at one thing, and others are good at something else.

Question4: Do you think grammar is important when you learn the English language? Why?

Answer – Yes, grammar is vital as a wrong verb or noun can completely change the meaning of the whole sentence.

Question5: Why is there a strong demand for language skills?

Answer – I think in today’s world people want to talk and learn about each other. Language skills are important to attract customers and maintain relations, especially during this pandemic when everything is over the internet.

Question6: What kind of quality should a language teacher have?

Answer – In my opinion, A teacher should be calm and pay full attention to each individual. They should also be cooperative and understand what the student is trying to say.

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