You Recently Went on a Business Trip and Stayed in a Hotel

You Recently Went on a Business Trip and Stayed in a Hotel

You recently went on a business trip and stayed in a hotel. On getting home, you realized you left some things at the hotel. Write a letter to the hotel manager. In your letter, you should tell:

  • Details of your stay
  • The items you left behind
  • What you want the manager to do.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing this letter is to let you know that I have missed my luggage in your hotel a week back. I am Hema; I have stayed in your hotel with my business colleagues. We stayed there for almost 5 days. My check-in date is 22.04.2021.

When I return to my home, I am in hurry mode as my flight boarding time was up. So, in that hurried time, I have missed some of the valuable items in your hotel room. One small backpack luggage which is of black and white combination and on top of that, a company logo is there which is polo brand. In that luggage, I have placed some important presentation documents along with my laptop, which is a Dell company.

I am sending you the address details. If you don’t mind, Please send my backpack luggage by courier. I will pay extra courier charges also. I am sending you the money along with the address details. Please send as soon as possible because I am worried about my laptop, as crucial data is there.

I look forward to your reply.

Yours faithfully,

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