Describe a Situation When You Were Not Allowed to Use Mobile

Describe a Situation When You Were Not Allowed to Use Mobile

Describe a Situation When You Were Not Allowed to Use Mobile/cell Phone
Where was it?
When was it?
Why were you not allowed?
What did you want to do with your cell phone?

Mobile phone is an important part of everyone’s life nowadays since every place even in every situation we can show people hooked up with their mobile phones, even at funerals marriage parties, birthday parties even in the classroom nowhere I would like to talk about a situation where I was not allowed to use my mobile phone. Still, I used it because of an important reason.

I remember it was 2018, and it was my student‘s birthday. He took me along with a few more of his friends to a movie at a theatre Ludhiana, so we reach at the time, and we were we all had tickets. We entered the auditorium, and then we are the movie. Starts movie started after 30 minutes, my phone started. It was an unknown number. I just put that call on hold and because I know it’s prohibited to use mobile phones in Auditorium while the movie is going on. Hence, I decided to make calls made call later on. When it will, it will it would be interval or break but the phone’s phone went on ringing and ringing and ringing.

So I thought it must be an emergency from someone, so I decided to pick up the call, so I P I get up from the seat. I was on my way, and I picked the phone; the phone’s brightness was at a high level, and it irritates all movie watchers. They started augmenting with me like you should not use your mobile phone in In theatres. They have also profited signboards outside of the theatre.

You must follow these instructions, so in this way, this all documenting with me, but that’s when it was very, very important for me since my brother was struck at that airport. His phone was switched off due to low battery, and he called me from another person’s number.

So that’s why I need to get that phone, so I came out of the theatre and picked up the call and talk to my brother and went to pick him up so. In this way, the situation created when I need to use my mobile phone, but the place was not allowed to do do do so, so I somehow manage the situation. I apologise to the theatre method to members and movie watchers for this engine inconvenience and then, later on, I switch off my mobile phone and enjoy the food.

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Follow Up Questions Describe a Situation When You Were Not Allowed to Use Mobile

Question 1:- What’s the effect of the mobile phone?

Well if you consider the situation deeply then we can conclude that mobile phone is having both aspects positive as well as negative as nowadays it is very convenient for us to call to make calls national as well as international call to solve one internet and many more advantages features of mobile phone on the other side mobile phone is also a great source of time-wasting since nowadays students are completely hooked up with mobile phones for watching movies playing games instead of concentrating on the studies.

Question 2:- Why young people want Expensive mobile phones?

in my personal opinion nowadays phone is a status symbol for many youngsters like if we talk about Punjab as per Mysore, we need about 60% of youngsters are having iPhone mobile phones of Apple brand which is considered as most popular as well as the expensive brand in all over the world mostly they possess such high-cost cells to make sure all to impress others

Question 3:- What’s the smartphone utilized the most for?

well utilisation of smartphones totally depends on the category of the person about whom we are talking like if we talk about children they use the phone for movies for playing games and for some reference material whereas adults use phones for their assignments for completing work for talking to each other and stay connected at social media platform whereas the older adults take it as a source of information or we can say a means by which they can stay connected with their family members

Question 4:- What’s your view about selfies?

Well, I am not a Dalek person, and I didn’t even didn’t remember the last time when I take my picture, so in the case of selfies, I can see nowadays people are more indulge in this task most of the time they take selfies, not as a not to capture the moment to post it on social media and to collect likes and comments as much as the end selfies trend is trending nowadays.

Question 5:- What’s your view on buying an expensive phone?

see buying expensive phones is not a bad aspect however the buyer need to on the cost before we need not put the burden on our parents on our elder siblings like most of the people in Punjab totally dependent on their parents and their siblings who have migrated a song for the expensive mobile phones all on the other side I can also say that nowadays there is no need to spend such huge amount on mobile phones because more competitive brands are providing same features at very less cost if you compare the brand Apple and Mi all the features available in Apple phone we can have the same feature In MI phones also.

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