Describe a Pleasant Surprise You Had (1)

Describe a Pleasant Surprise You Had

Describe a Pleasant Surprise You Had;  You should say:

  • When and where it happened
  • Why you were surprised
  • Who gave this surprise to you
  • Why you felt about it afterwards 

Sample Answer of Describe a Pleasant Surprise You Had

I mostly don’t prefer to go out to a place like Instanbul, but it is my father’s dream destination where he wants to travel and visit different places at there. As a result, my family and I decided to visit this place once in the last host and humid summer vacation. A beautiful and gigantic building is attracted me the most.

There was one great museum of art and craft where different souvenirs were kept, and monuments of various cultural stuff were exhibited there. There was one painting beautiful portrait by a fine artist. We show the price of that art. Definitely, It was too high. We tried to negotiate but could not fit into our pocket, so we decided to move on.

The painting was so amazing that it was not come out of my mind. The next day, to celebrate my birthday, we went to one of the well-known restaurants in Istanbul; we were about to complete our dinner. A waiter came and handed me a beautifully wrapped gift. It was nothing but that jaw-dropping art that we saw last night at the museum.

I was so happy that I could utter a single word at that moment. It was an overwhelming experience for me that night. My father not found of great surprises but this was the best one which he bought for me.

Follow-ups Describe a Pleasant Surprise You Had

Question 1. Why do friends meet up?

Answer –  Mostly, friends meet up for discussing their educational stuff or other college or school-related gossips. Occasionally, they go out for dinner parties or birthday parties where they can enjoy their best time of friendship.

Question 2. Are there any meetings that people need to plan in advance?

Answer –  Depends on the importance of work, a professional one always plans their meeting before and gathers information and content to discuss in a meeting. But unofficial meet up has no restriction, so planning is not that much necessary for that.

Question 3. Are there any jobs related to unexpected things?

Answer –  This is an interesting question, well, some jobs may be working on stuff which people are not thinking usually like the job of solving your life problem by a telephonic conversation which one of a weird one. Also, I feel that exporting garbage to another country was also some kind of unexpected business.

Question 4. Do unexpected things lead to progress in our society?

Answer – I may affect somewhere definitely, but due to our hectic life schedule, we are not more connect or engage with such kinds of activities, so we have no knowledge about that things. Although, answering your question, definitely, there has been some kind of impact of those acts in our society.

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