In Many Countries, The Number of Animals and Plants Is Declining (2) (1)

In Many Countries, The Number of Animals and Plants Is Declining

In many countries, the number of animals and plants is declining. Why do you think this is happening? How can this issue be solved?

In the contemporary era, human has become more materialistic than ever. The number of animals and plants has been declined day by day in developing and developed countries. This essay intends to analyze the reason for this phenomenon and suggest some steps to alleviate the problem.

One of the main causes of the problem is developing more infrastructure in urban and suburban areas. By this, I mean that individuals vanished flora for aggressive materialism and constructed high-rise building, apartments and so on. For instance, if we cut many trees or plants, it will, directly and indirectly, impact the ecosystem and human life. Another problem is that touching. To be more precise, people are hunting endangered species for varied purposes such as business and eating perspectives. Additionally, it would directly impact extinct animal life cycles and biodiversity. Utilizing leather and wool can be considered as an example.

Certain solutions should be taken by authorities and individuals to mitigate the problem. First and foremost, the government should plan a breeding centre for escalating species of extinct animals. Apart from that, it would create a balance between the species of animals in natural habitats. The second solution is that authorities should establish natural parks or conservation parks and sanctuaries for the captivity of animals. Besides, it can be helpful for visitors to be aware of different species and especially for children who can learn about the importance of animals for educational purposes. Another solution is that government should introduce strict laws for people who destroy varied species on the planet. To tackle this issue, the organization of awareness programmes can be helpful for individuals.

In conclusion, the number of extinct species and plants has been destroyed by humans due to the reason to build more infrastructure and hunt animals. This is a serious problem, so the authority offers breeding centres and conservatory parks to tackle this issue. According to my view is that the main responsibility for solving problems lies with the government and individuals.

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