Describe a Place Full of Colours (6) (1)

Describe a Place Full of Colours?

Describe a place full of colours?

– Where is it

– How do you know about it

– When you went there

– What you did there

– Explain why you think it is colourful

Sample Answer of Describe a Place Full of Colours?

I visited an art gallery in Jaipur. It was full of colorful paintings. A friend of mine had suggested me that place. I went there 2 years back with my husband. It was a really nice experience. We explored the place, watched different paintings made by different painters. The paintings were really mesmerizing. I even met one of the painters who were available there at that time and thanked him for the lovely experience. We bought a painting worth Rs 1200 for our home. My husband liked it very much. There are many art galleries and museums in Jaipur. I think they are made colorful because it’s easier to attract tourists. Many tourists from abroad come to Jaipur, and they prefer going to these places. It helps in boosting the tourism industry.

Follow-ups Describe a Place Full of Colours?

Question 1 Is color important for clothing?

Answer – Yes, color is important for clothing. I really like colorful clothes. I prefer bright colors like yellow, blue, green, etc. I like to go with the trend, and I think bright colors are in trend these days as far as clothing is concerned.

Question 2 What colours are the most famous in your state?

Answer – It’s difficult to point to one color, but if I have to say then, I would say green because I live in Haryana, which is in the northern part of India, and it has a lot of green fields.

Question 3 Would these colours become popular in the future?

Answer – Yes, colors will be important in the future. For example, who would have thought in the seventies or eighties about color TVs, but now they are indispensable.

Question 4 What was the most popular colour this past year?

Answer – Most popular color this past year, I would say, is neon as far as style and fashion are concerned. It’s a new color, and it’s in trend even now. I see many celebrities wearing it these days.

Question 5 How do colours affect people’s disposition?

Answer – Colors are an important part of our lives. I like everything to be bright and colorful around me. I feel fresh and energetic because of that.

Question 6 What colours are largely found in buildings in India?

It’s hard to point out one color as India is rich in heritage, and there are many colorful buildings in India. I can give you an example of Jaipur, which is also known as the pink city as the buildings are mainly pink there.

Question 7 What colour is suitable for offices?

Answer – I can’t point out one particular color as it depends on the type of work too. For example, hospital buildings are white because doctors are considered next to God, and white is considered to be a saintly color.

Question 8 How otherwise do women and men have a look at the same colour?

Answer – Men and women look at the same colors very differently. I think women can differentiate more colors than men. For example, for women, a pink color would be divided into light pink, dark pink, baby pink, and so on, but for a man, it will only be pink.

Question 9 Do colours really make a difference in the ads?

Answer – Yes, they do. Everyone likes to watch colorful ads, especially young people. They are more attracted to colorful ads. Ads are made like that these days to attract the youth.

Question 10 What colours are acceptable for formal occasions?

Answer – Bright colors are a big no for formal occasions. Subtle colors like white, gray, black, etc., are usually preferred. For example, while going for an interview or attending a meeting, many people prefer to wear white and black because it gives a more decent look.

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