Describe a House or Apartment You Would Like to Live In Recent Speaking Cue Card

Describe a House or Apartment You Would Like to Live In: Recent Speaking Cue Card

Describe a house or apartment you would like to live in

  • What it is like?
  • Where it would be?
  • Why you would like to live in this house/apartment?
  • And how do you feel about this house/apartment?

Sample Answer of Describe a House or Apartment You Would Like to Live In

During my childhood, my parents and I stayed in a small house, which we sold while moving to the city. I miss that place as there I spend my childhood with my friends. It is like small heaven to me. We used to have a lot of fun at that time. We were so mischievous as I used to get a slap minimum daily from my parents. We were so happy there. The place is a village area, so there were a lot of areas which were not used. Hence we used it for playing. One day, after my retirement, I like to spend my remaining life there with my friends. But most of them are not in the station as they also moved for various purposes related to jobs and studies. Celebrating our life as similar to childhood is still a dream, which should be accomplished without further delay in the steps.

Follow-ups of Describe a House or Apartment You Would Like to Live In

Question 1:- Do most Indian people live in an apartment or house?

Answer- As a matter of fact, it is the place and the situation which causes them to stay in a house or apartment. If they are living in a city, they may not find space for the construction of individual houses. Hence they may live in apartments. On the other side, if they are living in remote areas, they may not find apartments, and they do have more than enough space for a house to build.

Question 2:- Do young people in your country like to live with their parents or by themselves?

Answer- I guess most of the youth stay with their parents, and after marriage, they may move to a new house, but they maintain contact with their parents.

Question 3:- Would you live in a foreign country in the future?

Answer- Absolutely, I would like to live in a foreign country, and also to take my parents along with me.

Question 4:- How is modern home design in your country different to that of the past?

Answer- In my country, the design of houses changes with an increase in area and the number of stories in which they are built. Also, aesthetic methods are introduced to look unique in their own way from others.

Question 5:- In your country what type of home do most people live in?

Answer- In my country, most people live in private houses as possible. If they are in cities, they will live in apartments.

Question 6:- What kinds of apartments are the most popular?

Answer- Flats are most common here as a large number of families can be accommodated vertically, one above another.

Question 7:- What are the differences between houses that young people and old people like?

Answer- People of the older generation used to have a house which is simple in look and must satisfy the basic needs like bedroom, kitchen and toilets. But the people belonging to the newer generation also gives importance to the exterior and interior look of the building. They use various materials like glass to improve the beauty of the building.

Question 8:- What are the differences between apartments and houses?

Answer- The major difference between apartments and houses is that in a house, a single-family is accommodated, while in an apartment, a large number of families can be accommodated vertically, one above the other. Hence a less amount of space is required compared to individual houses.

Question 9:- Do people usually rent or buy a house? Why?

Answer- People wish to buy a house of their own, for their family. But some rent houses in situations like they can’t afford the money to buy a new one. There are also situations where people rent a house instead of buying them, and they include the cases of work or studying at a distant place from home, which is just a temporary condition.

Question 10:- Why do people sometimes move to live in a different home?

This situation mainly occurs after marriage as they start a new family in their own new house.

Question 11:- What do you imagine people’s houses will be like in the future?

As technology increases, most houses will be upgraded as smart houses. All the work can be controlled by voice command, thus making the household works simple and relaxing.

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