Describe a Historical PeriodTime You Want to Know More about (4) (1)

Describe a Historical Period/Time You Want to Know More about

Describe a Historical Period/Time You Want to Know More about; You should say:

What event is it?
When did it happen?
Who or what was involved in it?

Sample Answer of Describe a Historical Period/Time You Want to Know More about

Well, to be honest with you History is not my cup of tea, most of the time I need to memorise a great amount of information about the past, even though the history of a country has a crucial role, nowadays we need to know what are the rigours work for our leader save for us. In Indian history, some events are still influenced me a lot; if I get a chance to know more about the details of Indian Independence day, I would recommend studying that. In my childhood, my grandparents have deep knowledge about this independence of Indian days. since my childhood, I heard some stories about these freedom fighters and that day.

I don’t know why this influences my grandparents because they haven’t any role. Maybe they are living in that time. From 1940 to 1947, Gandhiji, Bhagat Singh, Balagangathara Thilak, and son are the freedom fighters that time India under British rule for more than 200 years. British occupied In India. Finally, on 1947 august 15th, India got freedom from tyrannical British rule. I came across this information in 7th grade. I just learned about history from my teachers and parents. Still, last week I watched a documentary video that inspired the freedom fighters, and that show compared the bygone days and new society. Then it would think about me the sacrifice and hard work of the soldiers. I would like to know more about historical times, and I plan to read some books about this.

Follow-ups Describe a Historical Period/Time You Want to Know More about

Question 1. What can we learn from history?

Answer – Well, we could learn a lot from history, such as how past our societies, systems, ideologies, governments, cultures and technologies we built, and so on.

Question 2. How can people get reliable historical information?

Answer – People can get exact information about history from the internet, e-books, libraries, etc. Nowadays we get easily access all the history information.

Question 3. How do you think famous historical figures can serve as models for young people today?

Answer – In this sedentary lifestyle, most of them are addicted to social media, so I think this generation is not arguably, not following the historical personalities.

Question 4. Do people in your country like to visit museums?

Answer – Yes, we do; there are so many historical places evidence for this popularity among the people. I think the government could earn some money through this museum.

Question 5. Who do you think likes to go to museums more – children or adults?

Answer – mmm, well I could say it depends upon a personal taste if anybody wants to wish the museum there is no restriction for children and adults.

Question 6. Do you think museums should be free of cost to enter?

Answer – I don’t think the authority should fix an affordable price for the entrance because this amount we could use for the maintenance of the museums.

Question 7. Do you think local people and tourists should pay the same amount to enter a museum?

Answer – I think we didn’t fix an extra charge for foreigners to enter the museum. It’s due to more chances of foreigners visiting our country. They may think there is no partiality for anyone. For instance, western countries equalise the charges to everyone.

Question 8. How do you think the museums of the future might be different from the museums of today?

Answer – It’s a tricky question; maybe the technology would increase so the maintenance and confidentiality could keep. As well as, the security system will be strong, moreover, might chance for the robotics performance.

Question 9. How do you think the museums of the future might portray the 21st century?

Answer – I think museums offer in the future, for the architecture and design may change, the future designers would appear, moreover new studies about the historical events.

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