Describe a Garden or Park You Remember (4) (1)

Describe a Garden or Park You Remember

Describe a Garden or Park You Remember

Where was it?
What it looked like?
What you did there?
And explain why you liked the park?

Sample Answer of Describe a Garden or Park You Remember

Well, parks or gardens enhance the beauty of a city or a town. These are the places that are sometimes tranquil and sometimes crowded with people on many occasions. For example, if there is a rose festival or any other ceremony, people usually visit these places. Here I would like to speak about a garden, which was in the vicinity of my city.

Although it was far away from my home; but, it was accessible if I used to go on foot. It seemed to be a Paradise on the earth due to the variety of flowers planted in the garden, and long trees attracted my attention. I used to do many activities there, as we had not enough space in our home for outdoor activities. So I used to go to the garden with my friends to play hide and seek, cricket and sometimes we had a picnic in that garden. So it was a great memorable part of my childhood.

Besides, I liked this garden because one memory is attached to it. It was the time of my birthday. I thought to celebrate it in that garden because it had plenty of space. So I invited all my friends there. I celebrated my birthday in the lap of nature that had a really soothing effect on my eyes as well as my mind. I clicked many photos with beautiful flowers and under the shadow of the trees. One of my pics of that time, when I climbed the tree, is still hanging on the wall of my room.

So I spent my leisure time there, and now I have grown up, so I plant trees there and many other flower plants. Whatever I can do to make this garden beautiful, I do. So this is the garden that I really liked.

Follow-ups Describe a Garden or Park You Remember.

Question 1 What is the importance of the Garden in our life?

Answer – Gardens are very important in our lives because they are places that people visit to get peace of mind and spend some time in the lap of nature. So people feel happy when they visit the garden because nature has the magic to turn every sad face into a happy one.

Question 2 What do people do when they go to a public Garden?

Answer – People do a lot of activities like click photos and spend some quality time with their family. Moreover, they are also nature lovers. Sometimes they visit to plant some trees and flower plants. Many times, people organise functions in the garden because of lack of space in their home, so they arrange functions with the permission of local authorities.

Question 3 Do you think there are enough public gardens in your hometown?

Answer – No, there is only one public garden in my hometown, which had been in my childhood. People are more aware of the beauty of the garden. So on their own, they make their contribution like planting trees, flowers and arranging other facilities like seats for the people to sit.

Question 4 How do people of different age groups use public Gardens?

Answer – Well, different age groups use public gardens for different purposes like children like to go there for playing games, and youngsters love to sit there with their peer groups and discuss various issues. Oldsters go there for running as well as spending some quality time in the lap of nature. So people have different purposes for visiting the gardens. They go in the morning for a morning walk as well as in the evening for an evening walk.

Question 5 What age group normally visits parks?

Answer – ┬áNormally, we can say that oldsters love to visit there because they have plenty of time. In this way, they do some sort of exercises, spend some time in the lap of nature. Whereas, youngsters don’t have much time in the morning as well as in the evening, so they visit only at the weekends.

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