Big Companies Should Provide Sports and Social Facilities for Local Communities (5) (1)

Big Companies Should Provide Sports and Social Facilities for Local Communities

Big companies should provide sports and social facilities for local communities. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

A bone of contention here is whether large-scale organizations should support the local community by setting up recreational facilities. While there are obvious financial implications involved in this decision, I stand in firm agreement that the aforesaid approach can be proven as a win-win situation for both companies and the general public.

To commence with, the local inhabitants are likely to benefit immensely from this approach’s implementation. To be precise, the availability of a well-equipped sports club in the neighbourhood with sponsorships can pave the way to success for many young athletics, who often are deprived of such facilities owing to the limited funds. In addition, setting up free local commuting, bus shelters, medical camps in the community is beneficial for many people in need. To cite an instance, the ITC organization sponsors the annual marathon in Chennai and offers sponsorship to the winner, consequently supports local runners.

Probing further, the large-scale companies are expected to be equally in gain. At first, sponsoring the social events can be a shortcut to increase the brand visibility and building a positive image of the company among the masses. To put it simply, the large firms can gain the trust of the local population via these events and get their visible support in the company’s future endeavours. To exemplify, Cognizant, a multinational firm has a dedicated department called corporate social responsibility to support the local community, which has earned it a good reputation on humanitarian grounds.

To put it in a nutshell, I pen down stating that sponsorship of sports or social events by the gigantic firms can be equally beneficial for them and local people. Hence it is advisable for companies to contribute more which would be ploughed back to them in the form of goodwill and raising the company’s profile.

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