Many Students Find It Difficult to Focus or Pay Attention at School Nowadays (5) (1)

Many Students Find It Difficult to Focus or Pay Attention at School Nowadays

Many students find it difficult to focus or pay attention at school nowadays. What are the reasons for this? What can be done to solve this problem?

In today’s fast-growing world, it has been discussed that nowadays students are not concentrating on their studies or courses. This may be the way the faculty is teaching the class or maybe the method of studies. Here we are going to discuss the possible reason why students are lagging their focus and ways to overcome this problem.

Firstly, In our technologically developed world, students have many distractions. In a recent publication, there was a survey on the students’ studies regarding how they are not focusing on studies because of smartphones. Every school student uses smartphones for studies, but their maximum time on the internet is to play video games, watch movies and do other activities. Parents too don’t have time to look after their child’s studies, which could also be a reason.

Here are some of the possible ideas to boost the students focus on studies. Teachers should teach the class by giving real-time examples which students also could relate to currents happening around them. For example, Sanitising the hands often with sanitiser to prevent us from covid-19. Students can relate this to the current situation, and they can understand easily. Secondly, Even though smartphones are important for studies, It is the responsibility of elders in the family to watch their child’s activities while they are studying via online class.

With the help of improved and new teaching methods and parents’ concentration towards their child’s education will help the students to focus on their studies.

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