As Housing Is a Basic Need for People

As Housing Is a Basic Need for People

As housing is a basic need for people, the government should provide free housing for everyone who can’t afford it. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Food, Shelter, Clothes are basic needs that everyone has to possess. To achieve these basic needs government of the country should support them. In my opinion, the government should provide Housing to the needy who cannot afford to buy a small house, at least like people who are below the poverty line in the country.

Owning a house is a dream for many. Poor people come first in this category. People under BPL earn money in small amounts in which they have to maintain all the expenses, so it is a tedious task for them to build a house; the government has to provide schemes to help them build a house. By providing a free house to them is like a lifetime celebration. In my country, one of the survey stats proving that 55 % of the population are not having the luxury of the basic needs in their life, having their own house is one of them. How we can say a country is doing well or developed, people of the country should first achieve the basic needs.

To get basic needs, the government has to encourage incentives or schemes to help poor people achieve the country’s basic needs. There are three kinds of people in the country as per the income they earn per annum LIG, MIG and HIG. For people under lower-income groups, the government can provide free houses which they cannot afford to pay loans as they earn very little for others government can encourage the people by providing loans with less interest which they can afford.

I personally agree that providing a House to the poor and those who are needy by the government is welcomed. Government has to help the people of the country to achieve their basic needs. This should be done transparently and without corruption by the government.

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