Some People Today Prefer to Get Advice for Medical Problems

Some People Today Prefer to Get Advice for Medical Problems

Some people today prefer to get advice for medical problems and do not want to visit a doctor. Why is this? Is this a positive or negative development?

In the globalization era, a few individuals are preferred to get advice from the internet and other sources for their health issues instead of going to a hospital. In this essay, I would like to discuss the causes and effects of the above approach. I believe it is a negative development for society.

There are various reasons why people prefer to get suggestions online for their health problems. Firstly, due to the advent of technology, the internet has vast information about everything in the world. Nowadays, many people are looking for solutions on the internet because it is handy. As a result, some individuals can find answers for their maladies. However, the solution which was published on the website may work for certain people but not for everyone. Additionally, the data which is available on the internet is not genuine and not verified by anyone. Secondly, private hospitals are charging large amounts of money from patients when they visit their place. Consequently, people are reluctant to visit the medical clinics, owing to the fear of financial burden. On the contrary, people are taking suggestions from their families, relatives, and medical shop handlers.

There are some arguments why this is not good for the community. By surfing the internet and taking advice from untrained people will have detrimental effects. This can lead to the death of a person. Another disadvantage is that when skilled people are not available, quacks play a major role in dealing with the health issues of society. For example, back in 1950, in India, the infant mortality rate is at a surge because of the lack of trained people. Finally, the doctor is a person who has practised medicine for 6-7 years and had treated many people in his lifetime. Only he knows how to tackle people’s medical menaces.

To conclude, ultimately, treating their own health problems by themselves without any professional help. This can have a dreadful effect on the people. Humans should avert taking recommendations from normal people.

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