As an International Student in Sweden, You Have an Account with a Local Bank.

As an International Student in Sweden, You Have an Account

As an international student in Sweden, you have an account with a local bank. The monthly bank transfer you receive from your parents has been delayed this month due to an error at your parent’s bank.

  • Introduce yourself and ask for a loan.
  • Say why you need the money.
  • Tell how you intend to pay back the money.

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing this letter to know the student’s loan procedures provided by the Union Bank of Sweden. My name is Nichole, and I am a final semester management student at the University of Sweden. I had a savings account in the bak for the last three years for educational support in Sweden. Due to internal technical upgrading policies, my parents did not transfer my semester fee on time, which may take three more days to complete in my homeland.

I got some informal references from my senior students regarding educational loans provided by Union Bank for the previous years. If the bank provides a student loan as soon as possible, that will so much helpful for my final semester studies.

As a final semester student, I had some immediate need for money to complete my course in the time frame. Furthermore, to complete final semester projects, course fees, hostel, and dining fees are also pending due to the delay of my parent’s bank transfer issue.

In addition, I had a part-time job in Pizza Hut as a cashier, and savings from this job help to repay the loan amount in equal instalments. Apart from this, as a regular student, I already got a full-time job through a campus interview. Once I experienced it, That also helps me to complete the closure formalities of the loan procedures.

I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Yours faithfully

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