Describe a Large Company that You Are Interested in

Describe a Large Company that You Are Interested in

Describe a large company that you are interested in

  • Which company is it?
  • What is it like (what kind of business it does)?
  • How do you know about it? How do you feel about it?
  • Why you have an interest in this company?

Sample Answer of Describe a large company that you are interested in

Large companies have a large organizational structure; a large number of employees, and it works globally. Large companies have large expending and huge profits. To retain the position, large companies have to work hard. The large company in which I am interested in the “EMIRATES”.

Emirates is one of the top airlines in the world, and it works hard to retain its position. EMIRATES is the largest airline and the flag carrier of the UAE. From 1985 to now. Emirates evolve itself with the passage of time and work on the latest technology it introduces. Being a traveller, I know about Emirates; it helps me to explore the world and take me to different destinations. I really feel very proud of Emirates as it takes part in humanitarian aid service as well. In a pandemic, EMIRATES collaborated with WHO and played its role in delivering medical supplies and vaccines to different countries.

 Follow-Ups Describe a Large Company that You Are Interested in

Quesion1.What are the differences between a big company and a small company?

Answer:-I thought so many companies work in our country and contribute their services, big companies provide job opportunities, and earn income on a large scale on the other side, small companies are also important but if There shutting down the small company, so no big loss.

Quesion2.Are there any big companies in your country?

Answer:-So many big companies’ works easily in my country. For example, car manufacturing companies run successfully. Such as, Suzuki, Honda and now Kia also built the plant in our country because of government support and good policies.

Quesion3.What are the good things about working for a big company?

Answer:-Big company provide big advantages for your employees and another benefit if I associate with the big company it enhances my curriculum vitae, on the other hand, large companies give intensive for their employees from time to time.

Quesion4.How can a small company grow big?

Answer:-Hardworking, Policy, good service and provide a good environment for their employees. Definitely, a small company becomes a large company. I have many examples, our area before 10 years one man start food stall on the table, that food taste was very delicious, but time to time, he improved their

Quesion5.Should big companies donate more to charities?

Answer:-Yes, if generate revenue above 10 million and the company also spend money on charities, then government reduces taxes, So companies should work on the charities for improvement of the country and support government,

Quesion6.Are there any big companies in your hometown?

Answer:-Yes, our area is the site area of industrial companies, all big companies’ factories in our city. Such as Pepsi factory, car manufacturing company and also cloth factory.

Quesion7. Is it difficult to get a promotion in a large company?

Answer:-Not at all, because everyone knows the large brand many people wait for the large companies new items, for example, largest cloth company provides every season new design in the market, All women’s desperately wait for that announcement.

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