Details of Politicians’ Private Lives Should Not Be Published in Newspapers.

Details of Politicians’ Private Lives Should Not Be Published

Details of Politicians’ private lives should not be published in newspapers. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Nowadays media had a highly recommended space in our cultural and social life. People believe and treated politicians are the representatives of common men. In many cases, politicians do not get time to remember the pledge what they taken at the time of having their positions. I agree with the statement that, media did not show the courage to focusing these individuals personal life.

Firstly, once they entered the political field, they try to enjoy that one. As a media executive, it is his responsibility to check the recent political issues, find out the truth. Most of the political leaders had an alternative face in life. In front of the media, they had discussed the social issues, supporting farmers, elaborating about national and international issues and so on. They knew that getting public sympathy and support is not the easiest job. The central administrative minister ends up a number of development programs and other startups in the Andaman Nicobar Islands recently. This is only for promoting other newcomers from his well-known places. Still, now newspapers do not have any courage to disclose the lifestyle of state and national ministers in the current scenario.

Secondly, the media always kept an unhealthy relationship with politicians. This may always help them to solve socio-economic issues in relevant fields. For the rating and broadcasting issues, this may help them very well. They had the political power to windup the service of newspapers. Recent trends show that if any individual makes noises against the political members they charge cases and through this they forcefully eliminate them from the relevant fields. As everyone knows, very recently Mr Arnob Goswami got arrested from his own apartment due to this.

On the other hand, not every politician drives this type of unethical life. They had family, individual rights, and a good track record. Some of them not intended to like their personal life in front of the media. They believe in their work, and as individual and loyal people, they used to do follow the same.

To conclude, in a country like India it is not easy to find out track records of a politicians life. To reveal these kinds of things in front of the public media will definitely think about this twice. Otherwise, it may cause their end.

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