You Ordered Equipment Online

You Ordered Equipment Online

You ordered equipment online. However, when you received it, it was damaged. Send a letter to the manager of the company. In your letter, you should tell:

  • Giving the details about the equipment
  • Explain the damage
  • Suggest what you want the manager to do.

Hi Mark,

Subject: Damaged Goods Received for order Number: OR459459.

I am writing this letter regarding the product ‘ Iphone 12’ recently ordered on ‘’ eCommerce website. I have received the product in damaged condition for which I want to raise a concern.

I have ordered the ‘I phone 12’ product on your website for festival sale. The cost of the product is 54 Bucks. Yesterday I received the product. I opened the product with ecstasy, but my happiness lasted only a few seconds; after seeing the package inside the parcel, I was out of the blue; I could see the package was not properly packed. Inside the packaged phone was in damaged condition I could see a lot of scratches all over the body and In the middle of the screen, I could see a thin broken line and the phone was not in good condition to turn on. I was utterly disappointed by your packaging service. Within no time, I immediately had complained to the parcel department of your eCommerce firm . The parcel team did not respond properly, and they said it was not our fault we delivered the product as it packed being one of the large competitors of the market I did not expect from your parcel team. They said if you want more information, check with the manager of the eCommerce site.

I request you to please replace the damaged product with a new product or refund back the money to my account. Now, it is in your hand to resolve my problem as you may have the chance of losing a loyal customer.

I hope I hear positively from your end.


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