You Have Recently Visited a Building Which Is of Historical Importance (1)

You Have Recently Visited a Building Which Is of Historical Importance

You have recently visited a building which is of historical importance and came to know that it’s in bad condition. Write a letter to the local newspaper office. In the letter, you should tell:

  • Which building it is
  • What are the problems
  • What do you expect them to do

Dear Sir/ Madam,

I am writing this letter to the local newspaper office to express my resentment over the historic building which was in bad condition.

Let me inform you that a few days ago, I visited the Golden temple, which is situated in Amritsar. It was a holy place where everyone wanted to go for getting warmth and good blessings. I visited there with my family members. There I saw old paintings which seemed to be old temples. A golden temple is a place where every tourist always prefers to visit. Apart from that, I saw the majority of people also spit there. It should not be there. Otherwise, a penalty must be given to offenders. Golden Temple is the epitome of beauty. Although it is a far better place for visitors, the mess around the monument makes a disgusting impression on visitors.

Suffice to say that the devastating condition around monuments should not be there. It is a sacred place that should always be sanitized and sterilized in order to prevent deterioration. Moreover, spitting unnecessary things like pan masala and doing smoking and other unwanted litter should be prohibited over there. It’s the place where people bow down their heads to receive blessings.

One more thing I wanted to say is that painters should be more vigilant while doing an appropriate painting. Mesmerizing and spectacular views should always allure individuals to visit more. Kindly take the initiative and look into this matter to resolve this problem, and my concern is to write a letter just to make you aware of the hygiene of such archaeological and heritage sites. I would be obliged if you would take

corrective and preventive actions to banish these problems.

Yours sincerely,

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