You Are about to Do a Part-Time Course while Working (2) (1)

You Are about to Do a Part-Time Course while Working

You are about to do a part-time course while working and write a letter to the organization head who announced they could help these types of students financially.

· Explain your experience and qualifications.

· Describe the part-time course you are going to do.

· Explain how this will help you.

Dear sir,

I am Vikas, and I am writing this letter to put forth my name for the financial assistance you are providing to the jobbers who enrolled them in part-time courses.

First and foremost, I would delight in mentioning that academically, I had completed my Masters in Commerce in 2014. Professionally, I have been working in a multinational corporation since 2015.

Presently, I have given a plethora of opportunities to foster the pace of my career ahead. What I really need is, Tally, a three to four months course , and I am planning for the same. In order to pursue my high-yielding dreams, I am looking for some monetary support as well.

I assure you, if I get your selfless assistance, I will not only complete this short term course but also tap outstanding sure-shots in my profession.

Hope to hear from your side an optimistic revert.

Yours Sincerely,


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