Today Many Children Spend a Lot of Time Playing Computer Games

Today Many Children Spend a Lot of Time Playing Computer Games

Today many children spend a lot of time playing computer games and little time on sports. Why is it? Is it a positive or negative development?

Technology has been increasing at an alarming rate. In this cutting-edge era, Most teenagers like to playing electronic games as compared to sports. My essay will delve into the various cause of its along with discussing. It is a negative development.

There are multifarious reasons which prove that it is common in all youngsters. The first and foremost reason is that electronic devices are ubiquitous as the upcoming generation spends most of their time playing games online. It is false saying human beings have not sufficient knowledge about using these devices. Nevertheless, They know about most apps. Children have not only electronic devices, but also they play most online games, which in turn, to the far away from their tradition as well as they spend little time on sports.

In contrast, It is obvious this is a negative development for our nation. Primarily new generation spend a lot of time on online games, which is the main cause of their unwell health. Parents are not attentive to their children help then-teenager have not any security for them as they spend most of the time then they suffer from many health issues like obesity, weak eyesight. Secondary by spending more time on games. They get a low grade in their education. In a survey, 55.09% of Youngsters get below 50 marks in their academics. Therefore, It is a negative development.

To recapitulate, There are convenience arguments for and negatives Of play more online games people do not do this activity as everyone has electronic devices at their home and they learn from their elder to use of it. However, it is a negative impact on their health. Specifically, parents must make a timetable to use these devices for their children.

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