The World Would Be a Better Place if Women Own the Leadership

The World Would Be a Better Place if Women Own the Leadership

The world would be a better place if women own the leadership. Do you agree or disagree with the statement?

The universe will be an improved place if ladies are leaders. I strongly believe that women have the ability to make a superior world.

The most prominent advantage of giving authority to females is that firstly they will emphasize girls’ safety. To be specific, if the ladies are a leader, then they will implement stringent rules and regulations for women security, and they will also punish the lawbreakers if they break the law, which would create fear in the law offenders mind. Consequently, it will lead to a decrease in the rate of criminality in the world. To cite an example, in Dubai, the women authority form strict laws which cause the low rate of crimes such as kidnapping, rapes and so on. Thus, women state regulatory authority will lead to an increase in women’s safety.

Another pertinent benefit of having women leaders is that they will take decisions effectively. To be precise, they would take decisions by thinking about all the conditions such as emotionally, financially and so on. For instance, before taking any decision, they would think about poor people families and about their financial status and how they will manage. Therefore, the women authority will take an accurate decision for the world.

In conclusion, there are various merits of having a female leader in that they would not only focus on girls security but also take accurate decisions.

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