A Friend Is Considering Buying a House Nearby

A Friend Is Considering Buying a House Nearby

A friend is considering buying a house nearby, but you have decided to leave the area due to a rise in crime. Write a letter to your friend advising them not to move into the neighbourhood. In your letter:

Recommend that your friend not go ahead with the purchase.
Give the reasons behind your decision to leave.
Suggest possible alternative areas that you know.

Dear ABC ,

I am writing this letter to give you some information about the area you’re planning to move into. As you already know, I reside in this area, and recently I have plans to move my residence as this area is no longer safe to live in.

You should know this before you make a decision, the crime rate in the neighbourhood has gone up in the past two years. Some thieves recently hypnotized my aunt living next door, took away all her jewellery, and handed her kid’s sized bangles. Unfortunately, the police weren’t able to catch them, but luckily she is safe. It gets scary to enter the area at night as robbers have guns, and they steal four-wheelers, two-wheelers at gunpoint.

The incidents have started to occur more frequently now, and we do not feel safe even inside our own house. You know who can say anything when they have a gun pointed towards them. I’ll highly suggest you not spend your savings to move your residence to this area. I have evaluated few areas in town that are safe, secure and in the almost same price range. The areas are Raj guru Nagar, Brs Nagar and the model town. These have all the required stores nearby, and the colonies are gated. It would be best if you considered these areas and the safety measures before moving.

Let me know if you have any questions. I will be glad to help.

Warm regards

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