The Diagram Below Shows The Typical Stages of Consumer Goods Manufacturing (1)

The Diagram Below Shows The Typical Stages of Consumer Goods Manufacturing

The diagram below shows the typical stages of consumer goods manufacturing, including the process by which information is fed back to earlier stages to enable adjustment. Write a report for a university lecturer describing the process shown.

The Diagram Below Shows the Typical Stages of Consumer Goods Manufacturing

The diagram illustrates different stages involved in the manufacture of different consumer goods and it also includes the process by which information is again provided to previous stages to enable some adjustments.

Overall, there are many stages and sub-stages involved in the manufacturing of consumer goods, Major stages involved are nine that begins with raw materials and end by sales of goods stage. From these stages, information is collected and fed back to previous stages for enabling some adjustments.

First of all, raw materials and manufactured components are safely kept in storage. After that, production planning is prepared by the planning team which has two sub-stages they are design and product research. Next, all the raw materials and parts are assembled according to the planning done. In the next stage, the product is inspected by senior workers. Product inspected is tested, If the product passes the test then it goes through packaging. The packed product is dispatched from the manufacturing location and it is good to go for sales.

During these different stages, information is collected to improve production. In the production planning, the stage number of goods to be manufactured is decided which can be adjusted from the storage present. Testing of the product depends upon its design. Whose, improvement in design may lead to the success of testing. The sales of a product can be improved by maintaining the quality of the product which is done in the production planning stage and by research the market price. The sub-stage market research depends upon 3 stages namely design, advertising, and packaging, an adjustment in any of these stages results in a change of market research.

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