Talk About Something You Did that Was Difficult but Successful Recent Speaking Test

Talk About Something You Did that Was Difficult but Successful: Recent Speaking Test

Talk about something you did that was difficult but successful, You should say

  • What it was?
  • How did you complete it?
  • Why it was difficult?
  • And how do you feel about doing it?

Sample Answer of Talk About Something You Did that Was Difficult but Successful

There are many tasks which are considered to be impossible by the person, but effort, focus, and belief always be fruitful. Sometimes efforts are not fruitful, but more struggle makes our fruit sweeter than effortless fruit. Always keep moving forward till you succeed. I complete my study in chemistry as a master’s. In chemistry, there is no rule for spelling, grammar and anything else. While during the preparation for my IELTS test, I face many problems. The major one is grammar, and each task has a different rule to follow. At the start, I had many problems as I couldn’t understand how to make preparation for this test.
But my husband always motivates me to make efforts. He provides me with all types of helping material and also encourages me to work hard and never be lost. Sometimes he is also depressed because I can’t understand IELTS. But now, after a lot of practice make me perfect. I took many online testing, and thanks to my teachers, who were always ready to help. I am very glad that I prepared for the test with a lot of help from my teachers and practice. I did my reading, writing and listening tests, and now I am giving you my speaking test. I hope so, and I will take good sources in IELTS to fulfil my dreams of studying abroad.

Follow-ups of Talk About Something You Did that Was Difficult but Successful

Question 1:- What kinds of jobs require people to be confident?

Answer- All kinds of jobs require confidence because they attract customers and satisfaction in a well way. If someone has no confidence to talk with others and exchange their ideas can never be succeeded in their life. Moreover, for a job, self-confidence is the key to success.

Question 2:- On what occasions should children be encouraged? How?

Answer- Children should be please in every moment, which develops the sense of confidence and courage to do something new. One talk of negative talk can develop a nasty effect on their personality. Children should be appreciated for their small deeds to goodness, encouraging them and showing a positive impact on their personality.

Question 3:- How do you help children stay focused?

Answer- Well, children should be in a state of mindfulness and can focus on things such as study, family or friends if they do one task at one time. We should help them in their doings and spend fun time to relax their mind in a better way.

Question 4:- What challenges do young people face today?

Answer- Young people face many problems according to their studies, work or earnings. Some face the problem of grading in their study. Some face the job problem of not getting the proper job according to their qualification. Some have jobs but do not have enough income to support their family in a better way.

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