Talk About Something Important that Has Been Kept in Your Family for A Long Time. (1)

Talk About Something Important that Has Been Kept in Your Family for A Long Time.

Talk about something important that has been kept in your Family for a long time.

  • What is it,
  • When your Family had it,
  • How your Family got it,
  • why it is important for your Family

Sample Answer of Talk About Something Important that Has Been Kept in Your Family for A Long Time

There are many things in my Family, like ancient and unique copper utensils and many other things also but Today I would like to talk about a thing which has been there in my Family for long Years, and that was the golden coins of my great grandfather.

Around ten golden coins are there, and we saw them while the renovation of our old house renovation. Ten years ago we renovated our old house and while renovation we opened up one closed room that was closed for 60 years and my father told me that room was in my great grandfather its quite horrible for me but while renovation we opened up that room and put off the old things of my great grandfather from that room and suddenly one cloth bag fall of on me,

I was very scared, but later on, my father opened up that bag, and we found ten gold coins were there and they were attractive, we all were shocked then later on my grandmother said about the golden coins that those were of my great grandfather.

From that day on every Diwali, we put those golden coins to worship God . Form that day, my Family had many great and good things, so that gold coins are lucky for my Family.

Follow-ups of Talk About Something Important that Has Been Kept in Your Family for A Long Time.

Question 1:- Which do you think are better, old things or new things?

Old things are precious ones because they have tremendous demands nowadays, and they are unique ones. While new ones are not unique, moreover they are of not good qualities.

Question 2:- As well as family photographs, what are some other things that people keep in their Family for a long time?

Along with family photographs, people like to Keep old jewellers. Moreover, old utensils were made up of pure copper.

Question 3:- In your culture, what sorts of things do people often pass down from generation to generation? (Why?)

People are changing according to the trends as they like to live with new trends, in the past whenever students had to write letters to teachers, in the beginning, they wrote down as respected sir, but nowadays students start their letter with Dear sir so, respect for teachers and for elder ones lower down form one generation to other generation.

Question 4:- Why do you think people keep these things?

Many people have their own thinking about Keeping such things, and many believe that those things are lucky, and many keep them as a memory of their near and dear ones.

Question 5:- What are the benefits (= what is the value/what is the importance) of keeping some old things in the Family?

Keeping old things in Family is a different kind of happiness, by watching those things we can remind our near and dear ones and we can remind our memories we spent with that thing.

Question 6:- Do you think it’s good to recall the past?

Definitely yes, recalling the past is a good thing by which we have to know the good and bad things which we have done in the past and by recalling the past mistakes, we cannot do such types of mistakes in future and present. Recalling the past will give you good memories, which will make goosebumps in your body.

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