Talk About a Dreamhouse You Would Like to Build Recent Speaking Test

Talk About a Dreamhouse You Would Like to Build: Recent Speaking Test

Talk about a Dreamhouse you would like to build

  • What would it look like?
  • Where would your dream house be located?
  • What amenities do you want in it?
  • And explain why you want to live at that particular location?

Sample Answer of Talk About a Dreamhouse You Would Like to Build

My dream house that I wanted to build should look like a palace with a beautiful fruit garden in the front and a vegetable garden at the back of the house. There must be a large tree, and I wanted to build a small tree house with just one room to spend my leisure time. My house should be constructed at the foothills of a mountain because the climate is a little bit cool there and I love that climate. There must be schools and colleges nearby as well as transport facilities too. It would be nice if there was a Shopping marker near the house so I could purchase anything that I want for my house.

Follow-ups of Talk About a Dreamhouse You Would Like to Build

Question 1:- Do most people in Your Country live in an apartment or house?

Answer- The people in my country mostly live in a house. There are very few apartments in our country, but people prefer living in a house.

Question 2:- Would You like to Live in a Foreign Country in the Future?

Answer- Yes, I will gladly move to a foreign country to live. I believe there are more facilities in other foreign countries than in my country.

Question 3:- Do young people in your country like to live with their parents or by themselves?

Answer- In my country, most young people like to live with their parents because most youngsters depend upon their parents for living and they will become independent after their marriage.

Question 4:- Do Young People in Your Country prefer to Live with their Parents?

Answer- Yes. Since young people depend upon their parents and most of them love family bonding, they prefer to live with their parents.

Question 5:- Do people in Your Country like to rent a place to live?

Answer- Everyone wanted their own house, and that is why people worked hard. So I don’t think they like to rent a place to live, but they have no other choice since they don’t have enough money to build their own house.

Question 6:- Would you live in a foreign country in the future?

Answer- Yes, of course. If I get a job there, I would definitely move to a foreign country.

Question 7:- How is modern home design in your country different to that of the past?

Answer- In the olden days, the houses were built with bricks and dried coconut leaves. Most of the houses are huts. Nowadays people build large houses with a strong foundation and also we can see terraces in almost all the houses.

Question 8:- In your country what type of home do most people live in?

Answer- Most of the people in my country live in a two-storey house that has a terrace.

Question 9:- Do people prefer to live in Modern Homes or older style homes (for example from 50 years ago)?

Answer- Almost all the people like to live in a modern house. In my country, it is very difficult to find old houses in cities and towns. Maybe there are some houses in villages. But I don’t think that people will like to live in a very old house.

Question 10:- How are modern homes different to older homes?

Answer- Older homes have very small and less number of rooms. At the same time, modern homes have a large and more number of rooms that can accommodate many people.

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