Some Think that Governments Should Tax Unhealthy Foods to Encourage People to Eat Healthier Writing Task 2

Some Think that Governments Should Tax Unhealthy Foods to Encourage People to Eat Healthier: Writing Task 2

Some think that governments should tax unhealthy foods to encourage people to eat healthier. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Some people think that government should tax food items like fast food, which causes health issues, thus leading them to use healthier food products.

On the one hand, junk food causes many health issues for people as it has become part of daily life. They are dependent on these food products because of their busy life and tension at work. Some chemical materials like Sodium Mono Glutamate are being added to this food in order to increase taste and to preserve it from becoming waste quickly. These chemicals can cause severe diseases like cancer, thus leading to even death. So it is advisable to implement taxes for these types of fast food items.

On the other hand, fast food helps in reducing work at home preparing meals for the members and thus conserves time which can be utilized spending with them. These food items are also easily available and very cheap. It can be cooked in urgent situations. If the items are prepared in the home itself, the usage of chemical particles can be reduced. So in the case of household usage, the tax will be a burden for the members as they are forced to spend extra money on cheap items.

In contrast, the implementation of tax may help people to follow a healthier eating style, but by reducing the chemicals used in the preparation, the risk of getting infected by the disease can be reduced, and the food item can be used for emergency situations. The tax may be implemented on the final products which are bought from hotels or restaurants, which are prepared only on the view of business, thus causing them vulnerable to human health.

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