Some Think Increasing Business and Cultural Contact Between Nations Is Positive (1)

Some Think Increasing Business and Cultural Contact Between Nations Is Positive

Some think increasing business and cultural contact between nations is positive. Others think it leads to the disappearance of the national identity. Discuss both views and state your own opinion.

Some people believe that increase in business and cultural contact between nations is beneficial, whereas there is another school of thought that these links may lead to the disappearance of national identity. This essay will discuss both views. However, I believe that the bilateral relationship between countries is good.

On the one hand, it is argued by an array of people that business and cultural contact between populace is quite beneficial since improving the economy of the nation through the business collaboration with other countries. As long as a nation is getting ready to do business with other nations, the economy and social status of the country get improve. It can be exemplified by that India welcomes other nations to invest their money for setting up head office and make plants necessary for their production, so American based companies get emerged here and offering job vacancies for people with high salaries. Therefore, this view states that interaction between culture and business among countries helps to improve the infrastructure and economy of the nation.

On the other hand, a cross-section of people believes that connections between countries affect the cultural identity of the nation because people get influenced by western culture. If people are acclimatized to the new situation, the extinction of our own culture is possible. There is an illustration that English is the commonly accepted language, and that’s why there is a detrimental effect on the local language. Hence the trade connection between countries affects negativity to the cultural identity of the nation.

In conclusion, as per the light of the above discussion, although some contended that the collaboration between countries has drawbacks since it leads to repercussions on culture, I would like to argue that the business connection between countries is imperative as it improves the economy of the country. Consequently, it can be hoped that there will arise more business dealings between countries.

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