Some People Say that Individuals Should Change Jobs During Their Working Life Often While Others (1)

Some People Say that Individuals Should Change Jobs During Their Working Life Often While Others

Some people say that individuals should change jobs during their working life often while others believe that doing the same job has advantages to individuals, companies, and society. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

In this modern era, humans have several opinions about their work options. Although other people prefer to work for the same company all their entire life, some people prefer to switch their companies regularly. In my opinion, working for a variety of companies would be a good choice for bright futures.

Nowadays, there are a group of individuals who dedicate their professional life to one corporation only due to financial stability because working at the same place for a longer time will increase the chances of promotions. Long term employees also would get financial rewards such as high salary and pension amount each month until they die. Thus, it is obvious that professional life will be at an advantage in case he is employed in the same industry for a lifetime. The company also gets the advantage from this because they do not need to look for and retrain new employees. Furthermore, people with regular jobs will have good dignity in society.

On the other hand, having the same job for life does not suit everyone because several people think that changing the workplace would be more beneficial. Having different working environments would be challenging. For example, when workers start a new job, they will meet new co-workers and a different corporate culture that gives them more opportunities to learn new and different skills. This can increase the value of that person in the labour market, resulting in receiving offers with a higher salary, enabling individuals to lead a successful and secure personal life.

To sum up, sticking to one company for life-long can offer professional growth, good for self, society and company. But altering companies have more benefits for personal professional, and they have a chance to have a prosperous life than before.

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