Research Has Shown that Overeating Is as Harmful as Smoking (3) (1)

Research Has Shown that Overeating Is as Harmful as Smoking

Research has shown that overeating is as harmful as smoking. Therefore, the advertising of certain food products should be banned in the way as the advertising of cigarettes is banned. Do you agree or disagree?

A faction of the population, all around the world, undeniably holds the notion that advertisements that promote certain food products should be banned in the same way as the advertisement of cigarettes are banned as it would resulting overeating. This essay is following the given statement as there are manifold with the substantiates it.

First and foremost, compared with the bygone days, advertisement has a crucial role in people having a sedentary lifestyle. Besides, the masses are in the clutches of junk food throughout watching the advertisement. For instance, the advertisement of restaurants, such as Kentucky fried chicken and McDonald’s, shows the popularity of junk food among the public. Moreover, the people who suffer from diseases like allergies, diabetes Mellitus, cholesterol, and so on would get more attracted to the advertisement product.

Furthermore, the film stars also play a crucial role in this advertisement; many people influence by having the celebrity endorsement in the advertisement. To cite an example, children and fans of popular artists seem to be addicted to the particular advertisement product. Nevertheless, although customers could have more information about the new trend of the product, excessive consumption of those food advertisements become questionable to what to choose, what should eat, which might lead to health problems.

In short, with the help of advertisement, consumers could get knowledge regarding the various eatable products, but the populace is in the fetters of advertisement products. Ergo, I strongly propound that, advertising of some edible product should be banned.

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