Natural Beauty Such as Lakes, Beaches, and Mountains Are Being Surrounded by Garbage

Natural Beauty Such as Lakes, Beaches, and Mountains Are Being Surrounded by Garbage

Natural beauty such as lakes, beaches, and mountains is surrounded by Garbage (rubbish) left by people. What are the causes for this? What solutions do you suggest?

Most of the elegant surroundings of the environment, such as beaches, lakes and mountains, are being accumulated by waste which humans are doing. The superficial reasons for this situation are the improper way of waste management and the inevitable rise of the population and industrialization. There are countable solutions to tackle this problem.

To embark with, The primary reason for this problem is the increasing trend of the global population, and solid wastes are the by-product of this trend. For example, In the recent demographic data analysis, India is considered the second leading country in terms of increased population; owing to this, most of India’s natural landscapes are surrounded by garbage. Additionally, lack of proper waste management further leads to the accumulation of waste; people could not find a suitable place to dump the domestic wastes. Moreover, industrialization and urbanization also contribute to total wastage.

There are few solutions to mitigate this problem. Firstly the government should provide sufficient awareness to the general public regarding waste management and also exposes waste material into the environment can cause some detrimental effects to the health. For instance, in western countries, the government allocated more funds to the waste management section and appointed more people to collect domestic waste from citizens’ doorstep. Secondly, the government should impose strict law standards regarding the improper handling of waste and punish the people who breach the law.

In conclusion, The accumulation of waste in the natural landscapes are owing to the insufficiency of actual waste management and the alarmingly increasing global population. Moreover, industrialization and urbanisation also contributing to this problem. Nevertheless, to curb this problem, the government has to take necessary action for society, such as implementing strict laws and improving public awareness regarding waste management.

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