It’s Expected that the Proportion of Older People Is Higher than Younger People

In the future, it’s expected that the proportion of older people will be higher than younger people… Is it a positive or negative development?

Any development in this world should always be in proportion, whether it is of humans and animals or different age groups within human communities; however, if there is a disbalance in the ratio of older and younger people, then it is considered to be negative growth, as it causes enormous problems in distinct areas like the workplace and sports.

Firstly, there are many jobs across the world which demand more physical strength along with good mental capability, and in the case of old-aged people, finding these characteristics is very difficult. Due to this, many employers look for younger people. For instance, manufacturing and production are few domains where most of the time, workers have to deal with huge machinery, heavy equipment and strenuous working conditions, which require employees to be tough enough to carry out these operations and can sustain this type of work culture in the longer run.

In addition to the above argument, another important area which will be greatly impacted by this disproportion is Sports, as it is played by those people who are physically fit. For example, games like football and cricket, which need lots of physical effort, are not suitable for older people. In future, if young ones are not in sufficient numbers, then this will create a troublesome situation for the sports fraternity to recruit players who can fulfil these requirements. Consequently, this will push sports towards a future where games will start getting removed from the list because of players’ unavailability.

In conclusion, it is a negative progression; if incoming times, there will be less youth available compared to older people. It will not only create a shortage of staff in organizations across the globe but also bring a gloomy future to sports.

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