Large Companies Should Pay Higher Salaries to Ceos

Large Companies Should Pay Higher Salaries to CEO’s

Large companies should pay higher salaries to CEOs and executives compared to other workers. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

In the contemporary world, more and more organizations appointed CEOs and executives for the future forecast because organizations had at most belief in their ability and performance. In the performance and organization structure, CEOs and executives had vital and unavoidable roles to perform and most of them follow the routes as per their plans. From my point of view, they deserved the higher payments and other perks to compared with other workers.

To begin with, CEOs are the nucleus of particular organizations. They are the first person of the organization after Managing Director or Chairman which had the ability to take necessary actions or approaches in certain situations. Their job profile includes abilities like accruing, communication and management skills, handling and monitoring end-to-end organizational activities, official and client meetings, and so on. For these multitasking premises, organizations required such an experienced and influential personality. Getting these abilities with single hand organizations should pay higher salaries compared to any other in the organization. We had certain examples in recent days, that organizations like Reliance and Infosys had paid millions and company shares for their CEOs.

Furthermore, company executives are the other section of employees who is capable to lead the company to certain heights. As per their profile, they find out the market, coordinate sales activities, payments, tenders, quotations, and so on. Their progress is depending upon the company budget.

On the other hand, other workers had specialized their ability in certain fields. They do not have the ability to perform in multiple fields and also do not have the ability to bear the work stress. Mostly, their salaries and other perks depending upon their performance and departmental activities. Before the interview itself, human resource officials clearly mentioned this in employees face to face also in the offer letter. In the field of experience and other interpersonal skills, they are far below compared to the CEOs.

To conclude, unavoidable services of CEOs and executives is mandatory for an organization to reach heights and achieve their goals. For this, the service of experienced and multitasked heads is required in particular positions and a huge salary to be offered.

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