Information Technology Is Changing Many Aspects of Our Lives and Now Dominates Our Home

Information Technology Is Changing Many Aspects of Our Lives and Now Dominates Our Home

Information technology is changing many aspects of our lives and now dominates our home, leisure and work activities. To what extent do the benefits of information technology outweigh the disadvantages?

In this modern era, every sector needs the help of information, from marketing to banking and many more. Information and technology affect everything from our lives to our lifestyle and our working style to our free time. I believe that the advantages of information technology are far better than the disadvantages, and supporting arguments are next to this paragraph.

The primary reason that I put shell forward is information. Due to gadgets, we don’t have to do any hard work to find any information. We can get it with only a few clicks, and owing to this, the data comparison and filtering of the information are very simple to do. Moreover, talking about leisure activities, information is putting valuable lesson in it. For example, nowadays many youngsters and much older are seeing a general knowledge, when they are free and due to that their IQ has been growing up.

Additionally, Making banking and many more facilities just on the internet is the greatest invention till now. People now do only net banking and online transaction easily and with security. One of the greatest inventions by developers is social media platforms. By using social media, people are making a friend who they don’t know. Network marketing, also called online marketing, is also very rising up due to social media.

Although information technology has its rid of benefits, it also has a dark side. One of them is fraud. Many scammers try to fraud with people who are not very aware of the internet. Many people, especially youngster, are wasting their time on social media much and not taking serious about their study make their career dark.

In conclusion, Every coin has both sides. One is bright, and another is dark; information has a dark side, like wasting valuable time and cyber fraud. However, we can not ignore their advantages too. It brings many advantages compared to disadvantages so, people have to be aware of it. Thus I can say that information technology has more advantages rather than a disadvantage.

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