Individuals Can Do Nothing to Protect the Environment, and Only Governments and Big Companies Writing Task 2

Individuals Can Do Nothing to Protect the Environment, and Only Governments and Big Companies: Writing Task 2

Individuals can do nothing to protect the environment, and only governments and big companies can make a difference. Do you agree or disagree with this statement?

Over the past few decades, environmental issues are becoming a serious threat to the world over. Many people fear that individuals can do nothing to safeguard the environment and only large organisations can make a change to this global concern. This essay, however, does not agree with this view, the reasons for which are stated below.

To begin with, nature issues like global warming, pollution, deforestation and climate change are the outcome of indiscriminate actions made by humans in the past in the name of progress. For example, large areas of forest and trees are being cut every year to build new infrastructure. Moreover, tonnes of soil are being taken from rivers by people illegally. However, it is the responsibility of each citizen to ensure that they are not involved in these harmful activities, which can cause danger to the environment.

Secondly, there are certain solutions that can be done effectively to tackle the problem. Individuals can ensure that when each tree is cut, one should be planted instead as a substitute. Apart from this, schools and colleges can encourage their students to participate in programs related to saving the environment. Hence, it is a false notion that only multinational companies and authorities can take necessary actions to curb the situation as individuals can also contribute to saving the earth.

Having analysed the matter in some detail, it can be inferred that it is not only the government that can take action to alleviate the issues pertaining to the environment. Individuals can plant saplings in their surroundings and their school premises in order to make the environment a safer place to live in.

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