In Many Cities, The Construction of New Residential Buildings and Office Buildings Is Not Monitored (1)

In Many Cities, The Construction of New Residential Buildings and Office Buildings Is Not Monitored

In many cities, the construction of new residential buildings and office buildings is not monitored. This leads to people building in any style without thinking about design. Do you agree or disagree with the given statement?

In the contemporary era, owing to urbanization, industrial parks are likely to increase in almost every city to make residential and office buildings such as apartments, rowhouses, and society. It is argued that governments do not provide much attention to these buildings structures, which many people granted to develop their design by themselves. In my opinion, this trend supports more drawbacks instead of a few benefits.

The first and foremost arguments that support my view are that if people will start designing new models of home or offices as per their comforts, they always occupied large area & designed uneven shapes which affect more lands consumption and because of appearance. Most important adoption of these new methods in Building works sometimes compromised with safety standard which with impact largely mainly in the earthquake and other situations. For example, in the year 2000, Bhuj city observed a 7.5 magnitudes earthquake, which led to destroyed many houses as they were not manufactured in consideration of safety measurements.

On the flip side, there are few positive aspects of owning a self-structured building. Firstly, architecture can put their new ideas that will be useful for residents due to the large space available for designing. Moreover, people liked their construction in terms of colour, material flooring type, location, personal feelings and emotions, which rights only possible if people have their own choices to make buildings. For instance, In India, governments started developing apartments for people on subsidiaries based on government policy named “AWAS YOJNA”, which has many drawbacks like structure quality, small rooms, parking facilities, etc. Which some time not suitable for many people.

To recapitulate, there are some benefits for choosing design modules of building and offices on someone’s own without interruption of authorities; however, its gloomy reasons are more in terms of standardization and safety. In my view, Authorities must be cautious while approaching any new building design.

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